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About our research


We're interested in how proteins of the immune system contribute to the formation, function, modification, and disruption of neuronal connectivity.

For more details, see our research page.

We are looking for a talented postdoc to perform cutting-edge research at the interface of neuroscience and immunology. For more specific information and online application, please see: https://puwebp.princeton.edu/AcadHire/apply/application.xhtml?listingId=1241

Lab News


“MHC class I promotes developmental synapse elimination and aging-related synapse loss at the vertebrate neuromuscular junction” published in Brain Behavior and Immunity

“Expression and alternative splicing of classical and nonclassical MHC class I genes in the hippocampus and neuromuscular junction “ published in Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

Recent Boulanger Lab research on MHCI in motor development and aging profiled on the Princeton University website


Lisa receives Princeton Neuroscience Institute Innovation Award

Graduate student Karla Frietze presents a poster at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in Chicago

Undergraduate Emily O’Driscoll joins the lab

Lisa gives talks at the Winter Conference on Brain Research Symposium, Inflammatory molecules in schizophrenia; Winter Conference on Neural Plasticity Symposium, The immune system in brain processing in health and disease; Lancet Neurology Meeting NMDA receptors and other novel targets of autoimmune neurological disease: from symptoms to synapses; Child Health Institute of New Jersey; Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience; Seton Hall University, JFK Neuroscience Institute Grand Rounds; Rutgers University Women in Neuroscience (RUWINS) Seminar Series; Departments of Molecular & Cell Biology and Biochemistry, Brown University; Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting; Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute and the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley; and American Epilepsy Society Symposium, Influence of classical immune and non-immune effects of inflammatory mediators on seizure disorders.

Karla Frietze awarded New Jersey Commission on Brain Injury Research Predoctoral Fellowship

Boulanger Lab awarded grant from the New Jersey Commission on Spinal Cord Research

Research on the role of the immune system in brain development and autism featured in the Princeton Alumni Weekly.

M.D.-Ph.D. student Mazell Tetruashvily awarded a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Princeton

Senior Joe Park graduates with High Honors from Princeton University, awarded Molecular Biology Senior Thesis Prize, and elected a member of the Sigma Xi Honor Society


"MHC class I limits hippocampal synapse density by inhibiting neuronal insulin receptor signaling" published in The Journal of Neuroscience

"New roles for MHC in the nervous system" published in eLifeSciences

Boulanger Lab research featured in a radio and written story on local NPR station WHYY.

Undergraduate Joe Park’s abstract accepted for the 2015 National Collegiate Research Conference, awarded Undergraduate Fund for Academic Conferences Travel Grant.

M.D.-Ph.D. student Mazell Tetruashvily presents a poster at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in DC.

Boulanger Lab research featured on the Princeton web page and the Autism Speaks web page

Lisa quoted in NYT article about synapse elimination in autism, published in the New York Times

M.D.-Ph.D. student Mazell Tetruashvily’s abstract selected for a talk at the Neural Development Gordon Conference, awarded Princeton Dean’s Travel Grant.

Graduate student Karla Frietze presents a poster at SACNAS

Graduate Student Karla Frietze awarded an Honorable Mention from the Ford Foundation

M.D.-Ph.D. Mazell Tetruashvily awarded Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award

Undergraduates Tess O'Meara, Nick Brement, and Hyunjean Kim graduate

Oxford Exchange Student Hanna-Liisa Vilu joins the lab

Undergraduate Angela Liang joins the lab

Undergraduate Peter Du joins the lab

PNI Summer Intern Xavier Bonner joins the lab

Undergraduate Joe Park joins the lab for his JP and Senior Thesis

Postdoc Carolyn Tyler has twins!

Lisa gives talks at Interdepartmental Program in Neuroscience, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT; Royal Society Symposium "Human evolution: brain, birth weight and the immune system", Cambridge, UK


"MHC class I immune proteins are critical for hippocampus-dependent memory and gate NMDAR-dependent hippocampal long-term depression" published in Learning and Memory

Lisa receives PNI Innovation Award

Postdoc Carolyn Tyler awarded slot on Quantitative Neuroscience Training Program (QNTP) T32

M.D.-Ph.D. student Mazell Tetruashvily awarded a Keystone Travel Fellowship to present her work at the New Frontiers in Neurodegenerative Disease Keystone meeting

M.D.-Ph.D. student Mazell Tetruashvily awarded Spinal Cord Injury Techniques Travel Grant

Ph.D student Karla Frietze and M.D.-Ph.D. student Mazell Tetruashvily pass their General Exams

Undergraduate Tess O'Meara wins PNI Shapiro Award

Undergraduate Cerena Chen graduates

Undergraduate Tess O'Meara joins the lab for her JP and Senior Thesis

Undergraduate Hyunjean Kim joins the lab for her JP and Senior Thesis

Undergraduate Nicholas Brement joins the lab for his JP and Senior Thesis

Lisa gives talks at Temple University School of Medicine, Department of Neurology; Thomas Jefferson University, Department of Neuroscience, Philadelphia, PA; International Society for Neurochemistry-American Society for Neurochemistry (ISN-ASN) Biennial Meeting, Cancun, Mexico; Princeton Alumni Seminar; UMDNJ Medical School, Hamilton, NJ


"MHC class I protein is expressed by neurons and neural progenitors in mid-gestation mouse brain" published in Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

"Complement-mediated microglial clearance of developing retinal ganglion cell axon" published in Neuron

Lisa receives Rampell Family Foundation award for research in autism

Undergraduate Jack Melson graduates

Undergraduate Adlai Pappy graduates

Graduate student Karla Freitze joins the lab

Undergraduate Cerena Chen joins the lab for her JP and Senior Thesis

Lisa gives talks at Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA; Champalimaud Institute, Portugal; University of Geneva, Switzerland; Cellular Biology Section, Laboratory of Viral Diseases, National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), Bethesda, MD; Brain Immunity and Glia (BIG) Seminar Series, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA; SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Departments of Medicine/Cell Biology/Biochemistry, Brooklyn, NY; Winter Conference on Brain Research (WCRB), Symposium on Neural-Immune Interactions, Snowbird, UT


Undergraduate Jack Melson wins PNI Shapiro Award

Undergraduate Jenny Aguilar graduates

Postdoc Xiaoyu Peng joins the lab

M.D.-Ph.D. student Mazell Tetruashvily joins the lab

Undergraduate Adlai Pappy joins the lab for his JP and Senior Thesis

Undergraduate Jack Melson joins the lab for his JP and Senior Thesis

Lisa gives talks at Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research Seminar Series, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Boston, MA; Think tank on autism and immunity, Autism Speaks, New York, NY; International Congress on Schizophrenia Research (ICOSR), Colorado Springs, CO; Educational Course in Neuroimmunology (CRNI), Bergamo, Italy; Neuroimmunology Seminar Series, Ann Arbor, MI


"MHC class I regulates NMDA receptor function and AMPA receptor trafficking" published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA

"Role of immune molecules in the establishment and plasticity of glutamatergic synapses" published in European Journal of Neuroscience

Postdoc Carolyn Tyler awarded three-year New Jersey Commission on Brain Injury Research Fellowship

Undergraduate Jenny Aguilar joins the lab for her JP and Senior Thesis

Lisa's son is born!

Lisa gives talk at Keystone Symposium, Synapses: Formation, Function and Misfunction, Snowbird, UT


"Immune proteins in brain development and synaptic plasticity" published in Neuron

Postdoc Marcelo Chacon joins the lab

Postdoc Carolyn Tyler joins the lab

Lisa moves to Princeton

Lisa gives talks at Stanford University Institute for Neuro-Innovation & Translational Neurosciences Seminar Series (SINTIN), Palo Alto, CA; Temple University School of Medicine Department of Neurovirology, Philadelphia, PA; NIH Integrative Neural Immune Program (INIP), Bethesda, MD; International Conference on Innovative Research in Autism, INSERM, Tours, France; Nobel Conference, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden; Princeton Staff Lecture Series; PNI Retreat; Mol Bio Retreat; Princeton MOL/QCB Summer Program ; ISNI/NINDS Satellite Symposium, Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS), San Francisco, CA


Lisa awarded Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship; Whitehall Foundation Research Award; Blasker Science and Technology Grant; Ray Thomas Edwards Foundation Fellowship; Autism Speaks Research Fellowship; University of California, San Diego Academic Senate Research Award; Cure Autism Now Pilot Award; appointed Silvio Varon Professor in Neuroregeneration; Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows.